AMD unveils the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X


AMD unveils the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X, at half the price of Intel’s competing Core i9 9920X chipset.

The CEO and president of Advanced Microdevices, Lisa Su gave the Computex keynote in Taipei today, the first time the organization has been summoned to do so (the event officially starts tomorrow). Throughout the presentation, AMD uncovered discovery about its chunky chips and graphics processors that will mushroom pressure on competitors Intel and Nvidia, both in terms of pricing and execution.


To forge the comparison, AMD applied a chip Intel announced latter year, an Intel spokesperson told through email. CEO “AMD’s operation was attuned, yet they invented this connection with the former merchandise without the modern software attuned for the workload.

Unusual third-generation Ryzen CPUs, the original with 7-nanometer desktop chips, will perform on trade on July 7. The showstopper of Su’s keynote was the broadcasting of AMD’s 12-core, 24-thread Ryzen 9 3900x chip, the flagship of its third-generation Ryzen family. It will dispense inaugurating at $499, half the expense of Intel’s competing Core i9 9920X chipset, which is priced at $1,189 and up.

The 3900x has 4.6 GHz boost speed and 70 MB of total cache and uses 105 watts of thermal design power (versus the i9 9920x’s 165 watts), forging it more profitable. AMD CEO asserts that in a Blender demo against Intel i9-9920x, the 3900x finished about 18 percent more pronto.


The CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, also disclosed that its first Navi graphics processor units will be the Radeon RX 5000 series. Pricing is being almost watched because it may compel Nvidia to bring down expenses on fencing products.

AMD declared that the GPUs will be prepared and available in July, but more features, including performance, pricing, and innovative features, won’t be proclaimed until E3 next month in Los Angeles.

Data Processors

AMD (advanced micro devices’ CEO) proclaimed that its EPYC Rome data center processors, first demoed at CES in January, will originate next quarter, one quarter quicker than previously anticipated, to compete with Intel’s Cascade Lake. AMD asserts that during a benchmark test, EPYC Rome performed twice as swift as Cascade Lake.




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